Praise From Readers

Praise from readers of In the thrill of the night

“I loved your book! As one of your high school classmates, I saw a side of you that I knew nothing about – your childhood! The stories are so relatable – the dime you found, the pretend horse riding, and a love of Roy Rogers. As soon as I finished it, I handed it to my husband – I knew he would enjoy it too. Looking forward to your next book!”
—Mary, Gardner, MA

“A real treat.. I’m delighted to learn that we share many childhood interests (Jim Bridger and others; fantasy horse … mine was a saw horse with throw-rug saddle and clothesline bridle; disdain for tea parties and black patent anything; “serious” neighborhood exploration; and the necessary involvement in “boy culture” because the girls were doing boring things). You’ve captured chunks of my childhood. Thanks for taking me back and reviving old memories.”
—Sue, Santa Cruz, CA

“Your book ignited my own 50’s memories. What a gift you have given to this reader! I took the book out while still on the runway at SFO and didn’t stop reading it until I had finished every last delightful recollection.”
—Betsy, Cambridge, MA

“Love your book! The vignettes are good and funny and you relate the present to the past…well done.”
—Debbie, Mountain View, CA

“Your book rocks!”
—Jen, Sacramento, CA

“You have created a delightful book. I laughed and then squirmed about your Mom’s dime for the bus—we all have our little secrets—your writing gently reminds us that childhood has its painful moments on top of all the joyful ones. Lovely writing. Brava!”
—Susan, Santa Cruz, CA

“Loved your book! Interesting that we had very different backgrounds but similar childhood experiences.”
—Jean, Memphis TN

“I want you know how much I enjoyed In the thrill of the night. I have read it twice. It sure brought back memories from my younger years in Michigan. I was in the eighth grade in 1951, attending a one-room school with the rest of the district’s seventh and eighth grade students. This was the last year of “country” schools, with consolidation taking places with all little school districts.

“Never will forget the harsh reality of one-room country schools. The wood-fired stoves, outdoor “facilities,” including an outdoor well with manual pump that froze up during the winters. Lots of warm memories though, nice (overworked and underpaid) teachers (my mother was one of them). Outdoor games at recess and lunch breaks, snowball fights in the winter.”
—Paul, Aptos, CA

“I want to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book of stories about your childhood. It was written in such a fresh way, from a child’s point of view. I sent a copy to my sister, too.”
—Gabrielle, Santa Cruz, CA

“I enjoyed her series of vignettes about growing up in the 1950s in a small town and her adventures with her three siblings and parents. They are both funny and poignant in describing the experiences and explorations of a young girl with much imagination and curiosity and evoked memories of my own childhood during the same period but a very different setting.”
Marlene, Santa Cruz, CA

“I picked up In the Thrill of the Night yesterday and – I’m loving it! You have a dry wit that tickles my Scottish dry sensibility, and a wonderful economy in your writing – the words don’t get in the way of the wonderful pictures you paint, and the structure of each little episode is delightful — beautifully turned and honed.”
—Jackie, Santa Cruz, CA

“I just finished the book by Debbie Bulger. I enjoyed it a lot. Especially her love of trees. Her book really hit a resonant note with this old lady. Remember the old maple tree by our bedroom window? I loved that tree.”
—Evelyn, Bellevue, Washington

“I enjoyed [your book] very much. I certainly related to the tomboy/nature girl part of you. I too was always a little bit different from others because of my strong interest in nature, insects, animals, flora, and trails.”
—Lynn, Pacific Grove, CA

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